Gotham City's finest - Ranking the top 10 Batman minifigures


When it comes to iconic superheroes, Batman stands tall in the annals of comic book history. And in the world of LEGO, Batman's minifigures are nothing short of legendary. From classic designs to movie adaptations, LEGO has given us a myriad of Batman minifigures to swoon over. Here’s a rundown of the top ten Batman minifigures that every collector should have in their Batcave.

1. Classic 1989 Batman

No list is complete without a nod to the Batman who redefined the dark knight for a new generation. Based on Tim Burton’s 1989 film, this minifigure sports the iconic black suit with the yellow emblem and the unforgettable cape and cowl combination. It’s a must-have for any serious collector.

2. The LEGO Batman Movie Batman

Voiced by Will Arnett, this Batman brought humour and a fresh twist to the character. The minifigure captures his robust persona with a wide belt, expressive eyes, and a slightly exaggerated Bat symbol. Plus, his multitude of gadgets and costumes from the movie make this version endlessly customizable.

3. Batman Beyond

A futuristic take on the classic hero, the Batman Beyond minifigure features a sleek, black suit with striking red accents. This Terry McGinnis version, with its unique wings and modern design, is a favourite among fans of the animated series.

4. Arkham Knight Batman

Straight from the critically acclaimed video game, this minifigure is a detailed and gritty representation of Batman in one of his darkest iterations. The armoured suit, tactical gadgets, and intense expression make it a standout piece in any collection.

5. Classic TV Series Batman

Holy nostalgia, Batman! This minifigure pays tribute to the 1960s TV series, complete with Adam West’s signature blue and grey suit and the Bat-symbol on his chest. It’s a charming throwback that captures the campy fun of the original show.

6. Stealth Suit Batman

For fans of the more covert operations, the Stealth Suit Batman is perfect. This minifigure is adorned in a dark, streamlined suit with minimalistic designs, emphasizing Batman's stealth and ninja-like abilities. It's a sleek addition to any collection.

7. Justice League Batman

Inspired by the Justice League movie, this Batman minifigure comes with the tactical suit designed for the battle against Steppenwolf. With intricate armour detailing and a serious demeanor, it’s a powerful representation of Batman’s leadership and strength.

8. White Lantern Batman

An intriguing and lesser-known version, the White Lantern Batman is part of the broader DC storyline where Bruce Wayne wields the white power ring. The minifigure’s white and silver colour scheme is a striking departure from the traditional black, making it a unique collectible.

9. Bizarro Batman

In an alternate universe, Batman is part of the Bizarro League. This quirky minifigure has the familiar Bat-suit but with twisted, reversed colours and a slightly deranged expression. It's a fun and eccentric piece that adds variety to any Batman collection.

10. Samurai Batman

Last but certainly not least, the Samurai Batman minifigure is a stunning fusion of classic Japanese warrior aesthetics and Gotham's dark knight. With a detailed helmet, katana, and samurai armour, this minifigure is a masterpiece of design and creativity.


From the nostalgic charm of the classic TV series to the gritty realism of Arkham Knight, these top ten Batman minifigures offer something for every fan. Whether you're a die-hard collector or a casual enthusiast, these minifigures capture the essence of Batman in all his multifaceted glory. So, suit up, and may your LEGO adventures be as thrilling as the Caped Crusader's crime-fighting escapades!