Swinging High: The Top 10 Spider-Man Minifigures Ranked!

Greetings, web-heads and brick enthusiasts! Ever wondered which Spider-Man minifigure would win in a Spidey showdown? We’ve ranked the top 10 Spider-Man minifigures based on their style, charisma, and sheer ability to make us laugh. So grab your webslingers and prepare for a journey through the LEGO multiverse!

10. Classic Spidey

“Friendly Neighborhood Spidey” The OG, the one that started it all. This minifigure may be basic, but sometimes you can't beat the classics. He’s like your favorite pair of old sneakers—comfortable and always there when you need them. With his traditional red and blue suit, he’s ready to save the day… or just hang out in the LEGO box.

9. Spider-Gwen

“Gwen-dorable” She’s the Gwen we didn’t know we needed. Rocking the white and pink suit, Spider-Gwen brings style to the web-slinging game. She’s also got a hood, which adds a cool, mysterious vibe—perfect for those days when she’s just not feeling the paparazzi.

8. Iron Spider

“Tony Stark’s Protégé” Iron Man meets Spider-Man in this high-tech minifigure. With extra arms sticking out like a Swiss Army knife on steroids, he’s ready to tackle any challenge. We like to imagine him at a LEGO diner, awkwardly trying to sip his coffee without knocking everything over.

7. Spider-Man 2099

“Futuristic Flair” Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of the future, has a suit that screams “cyberpunk fashion icon.” With his sharp design and red-on-blue color scheme, he’s the edgy minifigure you didn’t know you needed. Perfect for those dystopian LEGO adventures.

6. Symbiote Spider-Man

“The Dark Side” Ever wondered what Spider-Man would look like if he shopped at Hot Topic? Here he is! This black-suited Spidey is sleek, cool, and just a bit broody. Just keep an eye on him; you never know when he might go full Venom on your LEGO city.

5. Homemade Suit Spider-Man

“DIY Hero” Before the high-tech suits, there was the homemade suit. This minifigure is a testament to the DIY spirit. It’s got mismatched colors and a hoodie that says, “I’m just a kid from Queens.” He’s the underdog we all root for, even if his sewing skills could use some work.

4. Spider-Ham

“Bacon Bits” Yes, you read that right. Spider-Ham. This porcine powerhouse combines our love of Spider-Man and our love of bacon. With his tiny snout and comically oversized head, Spider-Ham is the funniest superhero you’ll ever see. Just don’t mention BLTs around him.

3. Miles Morales

“The Cool Kid” Miles brings a fresh, modern vibe to the Spider-Verse. With his slick black and red suit, he’s as cool as they come. Plus, he’s got that awesome electricity power that makes other minifigures look like they’re stuck in the Stone Age. Sorry, Peter.

2. Spider-Man Noir

“The Detective” Straight out of a 1930s detective novel, Spider-Man Noir is here to solve mysteries and look darn good doing it. His trench coat and fedora combo give him that old-school detective charm. Just picture him saying, “It’s a dark night in LEGO city…”

1. Bombastic Bag-Man

“The Paper-Bag Wonder” And the top spot goes to… Bombastic Bag-Man! When Peter Parker had to return his black suit to the Fantastic Four, he was left with nothing but a Fantastic Four uniform and a paper bag for a mask. This hilariously low-tech solution makes him the most relatable and laugh-out-loud funny Spider-Man minifigure. Remember kids, if you ever forget your superhero mask, a paper bag works in a pinch.